Happy Today? is a start-up in the seed phase with a simple goal. We support athletes to improve their mental fitness in complex competition situations.

Using a scientifically proven method developed at the University of Zurich, athletes learn how to analyze and change their bouncing moods with an app.

The core component of the app is a completely newly programmed deep-learning algorithm, which is very well versed in the mental requirements of each sport. Via an interactive diary, athletes can exchange their thoughts and feelings with a chatbot and thus step by step increase their mental performance individually. Guided audio-mental exercises and specially developed e-learning tools make the app to a digital user experience for every competitive athlete.

The app is designed for younger athletes who are mentally healthy and want to improve their mental performance using one of the most modern scientific methods. 

To improve the UX design and the use of the app in other sports, we invite selected athletes from different countries to test individual tools free of charge in a special e-learning session. This is an important step for “Happy Today?” before we can launch the app. As a thank-you for the feedback, these athletes will receive the app free of charge as soon as it is launched.

For new investors, we provide a pitch deck with a detailed financial model, market research, advisory board, and technical documentation. Learn more: info@happytoday.app