We at Happy Today? are developing smart journaling apps that can help athletes in rehabilitation. 

Positive expectations improve the effect of medical treatment and physical Rehabilitation on Athletes. Because it’s hard to train when you are injured, we’re developing smart digital tools for that. 

The significance of positive expectations in the treatment of injuries and pain is well documented, but little is known about how to train scientifically the power of expectation, through which positive expectations improve mood and faster healing.

Researchers have known for a long time that expectations can influence physical symptoms, the course of an illness, and the efficacy of treatments. 

Patients experience what are known as placebo effects. It has been shown that a capsule with no active ingredient or specific information from the doctor can have powerful effects. 

The strong Patient expectation of treatment is the key to these effects and faster healing. This has great therapeutic potential and brings athletes faster back.

To help athletes to get back faster we developed 3 digital solutions:

Solution 1: Bye Bye Trainingsweltmeister 

We are specialized exclusively in helping athletes measurably improve their mental performance in the competition after a bad failure or humiliation.

Solution 2: Six Pack Mind

We are specialized in helping athletes to improve their treatment expectations in rehabilitation after a bad injury.

Solution 3: Goal Commitment Score

We are specialized in helping coaches to improve team commitment in heavy comeback situations.

New insights into the power of increasing athletes’ expectations to influence treatment outcomes are of great interest to the general sports world. 

We are therefore happy to provide further information and keynotes, as well as experts to answer your questions.