The tools from “Happy Today?” are based on the latest neurobiological and psychological findings in human learning and action. The app “Happy Today?” is specialized in working with the unconscious. In addition to rational aspects, emotional and physical elements are also included in the development work. The eLearning tools and the app are based on the theory and practice of the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM®) by Dr. Maja Storch and Dr. Frank Krause, the practice-oriented application of somatic markers (body signals) by Professor Antonio Damasio and the theory of Personality System Interactions (PSI theory) by Professor Julius Kuhl.

An important component of “Happy Today?” is the translation and visualization of scientific findings for the special needs of athletes in competitive sports.

The focus is also on research into the increase in acceptance of digital tools in the field of mood tracking and the reduction of dropout rates in the use of digital tools.

To this end, “Happy Today?” cooperates with various researchers, competitive athletes, coaches, UX designers and artificial intelligence experts in Europe and the USA.  “Happy Today?” stands for the combination of scientific up-to-dateness and visualization of data on a high design level in order to increase the sustainability of the implementation.

Founder and scientific director is Frank Stockmann, linguist, yoga teacher, book author, the world’s only ZRM trainer, who has specialized in the comeback training of competitive athletes with the ZRM methodology for over 11 years.