Viola is one of the most famous german athletes because of her Instagram channel with more than 370 000 followers. She achieved something that no other german athlete ever achieved:

She made her niche sport so popular that she was invited to the Ellen DeGeneres Show in Los Angeles in 2020.

With me as her mental coach, Viola won the silver medal at the worldchampionships three times and the gold medal at the European championships once. Respect for that, Viola. Viola is a real comeback expert. I don’t know anyone else who has fought her way back up from a low so many times and has remained positive when situations seemed to be more than hopeless.

At “Happy Today?” Viola is responsible as brand ambassador for the contact to other competitive athletes, trainers and influencers. I’m super happy that Viola brings all her expertise to make “Happy Today?” an app that was developed by competitive athletes for competitive athletes.