Category: Experiences

A choice of experiences from the founder Frank Stockmann. It all startet with wind surfing.

How to train willpower. In fact, this was the second sport I worked in.

Discipline. Four minutes can be brutally long. This was the second sport in which I work as a mental coach.

Courage. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. I meet where so many brave people. Thank you all for the great time we had.

Golf is a mental battlefield. Mentally it’s the most difficult sport on the planet. I´m happy to learn so many great mental exercises from which every athlete can benefit. 

To be honest, this was not a success story for me. But I will talk about this in our podcast “The second. place”

Chinnarach has fought in over 250 fights, winning 185 and a 2 time World Champion. I learned from him: “Anyone can win. Losing has to be learned.”

I supported a lot of athletes in comeback situations. That’s why the deep learning chatbot inside “Happy Today?” knows exactly how to train to shake off failure. You will love it.

Focus your mind far beyond human imagination. 

Dealing with unfairness and media shitstorms. It changed my life as a coach for ever.

I did a lot of workshops for AMG Mercedes Benz, Airbus, and Commerzbank Germany. What I  learned there could help also coaches from athletes.

Tennis is a mental game. I learned there the best mental exercises to avoid unforced errors.

I´m teaching Yoga since 2010. All I know about embodiment and breathing techniques comes from yoga.

My true passion is to support athletes in comeback situations. This is there I have a lot of experience and call myself with proudly a comeback expert.