Jürgen is one of the leading eLearning experts.

If I have calculated correctly, Jürgen has taught over 8000 hours of eLearnings himself as a teacher in the area of “supported further education” for one of the largest providers.

Jürgen is the absolute expert on how to impart psychological knowledge using the latest technologies for the job market of the future. What his participants love about him is that he never leaves them alone, even in difficult situations. He is always searching for ways to solve complex issues more easily with new technologies.

Jürgen, I always name him Space Cowboy, and I have a long history together. The most intense thing Jürgen and I have ever done together is the foundation of the Bullshit Protector Club Germany. A wild time.

We travelled the world and told the participants the story of the invention of the Bullshit Protector. OMG. I guess nobody really understood what it was all about, but they thought it was cool. At “Happy Today?” Jürgen is the Head of eLearning and responsible for all web tools.